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No Hype. No Fads. Fibre is Important.

by Cathy Bates on February 22, 2019
10 Reasons Why Fibre is So Important


There’s no hype here.  It isn’t a trend or a fad diet.  Fibre is important, and the majority of the world isn’t getting enough of it.


TIME MAGAZINE wrote it’s “The one food that can spike weight loss.” HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL said “Making one change - getting more fibre - can help with weight loss.” GLOBE & MAIL reports "Why increasing your fibre intake can add years to your life.” 


And so while many obsess over extreme diets, Keto this, Atkins that - this is the tip given by nutritionists and doctors alike. Eat. More. Fibre. 


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Here are 10 Important Things to Know about Why Adding Fibre to Your Diet is So Important. 

1.  A published study by Annals of Internal Medicine has proven adding more fibre to your diet helps lose and maintain weight.  The results of an extensive study compared two groups of people - one who made significant changes to their diet aligned with the Mediterranean way of eating. The second group only ate more fibre.  Both groups lost the same amount of weight, and maintained weight loss.  


2.  Fibre keeps you feeling full longer, meaning you will eat less over the course of the day and still be satiated. It’s not rocket-science…. when you feel full, you’re less likely to over-eat. 


3.  One surprise in the study showed fibre ALSO helped reduce cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar. Meaning, this one small addition to your diet can make a massive, massive difference.  


4.  That same study showed the fibre rich group also saw reduced inflammation.  Chronic inflammation is linked to arthritis, cancers and even Alzheimers.  Reducing inflammation is important in maintaining both physical and mental health. 


5.  Research has shown fibre reduces bad cholesterol.


6.  Studies see a very clear correlation between increasing your fibre intake and living longer.  High in fibre diets are associated with a reduce in cancer (very notably colorectal cancer) as well as a reduce in cardiovascular disease.  


7.  Fibre rich diets have been very important in the diabetic community.  Studies show fibre can help slow the absorption of sugar and helps stabilize blood sugar levels.  It helps to reduce the possibility of a surge of insulin, and that can make a huge difference in the life of a diabetic. 


8.  Whole foods rather than supplements are proven to be better at providing the fibre needed, as supplements don’t contain the variety of other nutrients, like vitamins and minerals, needed to help process the fibre.


9.  It helps you poop.  Let’s not beat around this - pooping is healthy!  It gets rid of waste, makes you feel lighter, and eliminates things from your system.  When you aren’t full of, well - poop - you feel better and perform better. 


10.  The World Health Organization combined 243 studies.  The analysis shows 25-29 grams of fibre daily is protective, but more benefiting is 30+ grams a day