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10 Ways to be Healthy On the Go

by Cathy Bates on September 08, 2018

How to be Healthy on the Go - Meal Prep on Sundays

1. Prepare

There's nothing new in this one.... Sunday meal prep is one of our favourite things. Every Sunday we spend chopping vegetables, making a big pot of brown rice or pasta for the week... This makes it easier to stay on track when things get busy. 


How to be Healthy on the Go - Eat More Fibre

2. Eat More Fibre

Harvard research and other studies show eating more fibre - even if you make no other dietary changes - helps you lose weight. It's filling, which means you get full and satisfied faster. There's no magic here, it's just this simple, when you feel full and happy, you ARE full and happy.  MORE Cookie Fibre can help you there, with up to 28% of your daily fibre from whole grains and chicory root, you're well on your way to a healthier lifestyle. Even if you are on the go. 

How to Be Healthy on the Go - Tip 2 Pack Lemon Water

4. Travel with Lemon Water 

Is it just us, or does that little citrusy splash in your water make you automatically feel better about your decisions?  When you head out for the day, bring a water bottle and put in a spritz of lemon. It will make you feel indulgent and science has backed that it keeps cravings at bay. 

How to Stay Healthy on the Go - Carry Snacks like More Cookie

3. Keep a Snack On Hand

The 3 o'clock craving is real.  Whether you stick it in your office desk, your purse, or keep some in your car, expect you'll get hungry and want a snack. MORE Cookie makes that part easy. Keep a variety of flavours on hand so you can keep things interesting when you get snacky. Since they're packed with healthy ingredients, you can feel good about your snack!  


How to be Healthy on the Go - Keep Runners in the Car

5. Keep Runners in the Car

For the day when you have that extra spunk, keep some runners in the car. It makes it easy to go for a walk after you leave the office. Plus it makes burning off steam from the day easy before you get home!

How to Make Healthy Decision on the Go - Opt for Mexican

6. Make Good Decisions

If you didn't have time to make your lunch, make healthy decisions for your fast meals. Fast food restaurants have more healthy options than ever before, and many of them taste great. Plus, with more and more options poppng up, it's easy to skip a fast food burger or deep fried chicken sandwich. Maybe find some local taco joints instead! 

How to be Healthy on the Go - Don't Deprive Yourself

7. Don't Deprive Yourself

There's nothing worse than eating and still feeling hungry.  It's all about balance. Doing away with carbs will just make you miss carbs.  Everything in moderation, and when you achieve moderation, eating healthy is a lifestyle, not a diet. Go ahead, eat a burger every now and again. Instead of fries, have a side salad. Or instead of beef, opt for chicken. 

How to Eat Healthy on the Go - Opt for Meat Substitutes

8. Look for Meat Substitutes 

Gone are the days that veggie burgers tasted like, well - veggie burgers. With advancements in food, there are great meat substitutes that help you get more of those heart healthy and gut friendly foods like mushrooms, beans, quinoa, and more.

How to Eat Healthy on the go - Skip Low Fat Options

9. Skip Low Fat & Diet Options

More and more research is showing the ingredients in low fat and "diet" products are actually more unhealthy than just the good old fashion whole fat version.  Fat is necessary to help ensure vitamins are processed by your body properly. Heelloooo avocados!! 

How to Be Healthy on the Go - Stock up on Food Containers

10. Containers, Containers, Containers

Invest in good containers that seal well.  It's one of the most important healthy on the go investments you can make. We love these Rubbermaid Brilliance containers that are leak proof, guaranteed.